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* Prices are mention here for individual candidate. if candidate are in group (minimum 5 member) then for every candidate will get upto 20% discounts.

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Current Live Project

You May Check Current Corporate Live Project Which Is Developed Using Java Technology

Reseller Panel

About  : Reseller Panel is a digital platform to become an entrepreneur in IT Industry. Once you associate with this panel you can sell all the listed product such as Professional Website, Institute Software And Retail Software.

Module  : 1.Lead Tracking System, 2.Licenses Management, 3.Order Management, 4.Client Management, 5.Customer Support System, 6.Own Website Management

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Professional Website

About  : If any professional want to present their business/portfolio/work performance by digital transformation technology, professional website is well suite for them to stay connected with their client.

Module  : 1.Profile Management, 2.Customer Support System, 3. Own Website Management & many more

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Institute Software

About  : Institute Software is more helpful for those professional who want to maintain their academic portfolio hassle free.

Module  : 1.Profile Management, 2.Student Inquiry System, 3. Own Website Management, 4.Batch Management System, 5.Student Admission, 6.Account Management & many more

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Retail Software

if any seller want to sell their product as well as want to receive online order for their listed product, this software will more effective to manage their business activity.

Module  : 1.Profile Management, 2.Customer Inquiry System, 3. Own Website Management, 4.Product Listing Management, 5.Order Management, 6.Account Management & many more

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School Software

any educational society such as school or college organization can manage all academic activity hassle free with integrated official school website.

Module  : 1.Profile, 2.Student Inquiry, 3. Own Website Management, 4.Class Management, 5.Student Admission, 6.Accounts & many more

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Frequently Asked Questions

who can join this program?

anyone who is crazy and dedicated about to do programming using java language.

why should we become Full stack java developer?

It is very good for developing general-purpose applications and large-scale enterprise systems, and itís good enough at just about everything else. Itís straightforward to understand, itís low-effort to make it really cross-platform, and it there are loads of prewritten Java libraries to do pretty much everything you might want to do.

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