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IGRA Transforming Knowledge is a fast growing, entrepreneurial IT Industry and Business Development.

proposal to become an IT entrepreneur



this is Amar, on behalf of IGRA Transforming Knowledge. We have a great opportunity for indian youth and those person who sincerely looking for statup in IT industry.

Want To Become An IT Entrepreneur? Build Your Own Startup In IT Industry based on Atmanirbhar Bharat.

  Make Your Own Brand

Once you become a software reseller, you can sell the software with your own company/firm/brand name

  Set Your Own Pricing

list your own choice based selling price for the available product


What We Do Offer

Choose Here Our Range Of Ofered Product

Reseller Panel

About  : Reseller Panel is a digital platform to become an entrepreneur in IT Industry. Once you associate with this panel you can sell all the listed product such as Professional Website, Institute Software And Retail Software.

Module  : 1.Lead Tracking System, 2.Licenses Management, 3.Order Management, 4.Client Management, 5.Customer Support System, 6.Own Website Management

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Professional Website

About  : If any professional want to present their business/portfolio/work performance by digital transformation technology, professional website is well suite for them to stay connected with their client.

Module  : 1.Profile Management, 2.Customer Support System, 3. Own Website Management & many more

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Institute Software

About  : Institute Software is more helpful for those professional who want to maintain their academic portfolio hassle free.

Module  : 1.Profile Management, 2.Student Inquiry System, 3. Own Website Management, 4.Batch Management System, 5.Student Admission, 6.Account Management & many more

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Retail Software

if any seller such as cloth/hardware/home appliance/electronics/grocery/vegetable/food etc seller want to sell their product as well as want to receive online order for their listed product, this software will more effective to manage their business activity.

Module  : 1.Profile Management, 2.Customer Inquiry System, 3. Own Website Management, 4.Product Listing Management, 5.Order Management, 6.Account Management & many more

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School Software

any educational society such as school or college organization can manage all academic activity hassle free with integrated official school website.

Module  : 1.Profile Management, 2.Student Inquiry System, 3. Own Website Management, 4.Class Management System, 5.Student Admission, 6.Account Management & many more

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License Packages

Note: To avoid expiry of license, we suggest you kindly buy license if your customer is ready to purchase or ready to activate the license within license expiry based on selected packages. once your license get expired you can not recover it.

Silver   Silver Package
Silver   Gold Package
Silver   Diamond Package

* Prices are not fixed here. for actual pricing, please contact us

complementary services, get following services completely free till your subscription period.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is IGRA Transforming Knowledge reseller program?

reseller panel is a digital platform to start a new STARTUP in IT industry based on ATMANIRBHAR BHARAT

who can become reseller?

anyone who is crazy and dedicated about to do new, or who is looking for an additional income. usually this program has been designed for those who want to become ATMANIRBHAR.

why should we become reseller?

there are many reason to become our reseller...

Launch Your Business Sooner(Ease to do business)

Low Financial Risk

More Freedom than Office Life

Excellent Flexibility

Minimal Skills Required

Able to Set Your Own Margins

what is meant by OWN BRANDING and OWN PRICING?

you can start your startup with your own company/firm/brand name. our company name will not be display anywhere. also, for all listed products at reseller panel, you can set your own choice based price to sell the product.

what will be my responsibility, if i become reseller?

once you become our reseller, based on your business strategy, you can take following action...

target the customer, based on listed product at reseller panel

explain about the product to your customer.

sell the product

support the customer if they face any issue.

if your customer count has increase, hire any support team to provide the services to your customer.

keep connecting and boost up your customer as well as your business


what is license? and how to create an account for our client?

for every listed product, you have to use one active & available license to create new customer account. if your customer is ready to buy the product, you can use available & un-used license. in case of you don't have license, first, you have to purchase the license from the company based on available package and your budget then you can create an account for your client.

how can we/someone can access my website?

once you become our reseller, we will provide you a free website or you can also create your website. you can map this website with
free sub-domain such as yourcompanyname.webrahi.com
OR you can also configure your website with your own domain OR own sub-domain

can we manage our website?

of course, you can manage your website anytime from anywhere.